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  • ROBERTSHAW refrigerator pressure thermostat

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  • Application:production REFRIGERATOR, FREEZER, AIR-CONDITIONER fountains, fried ice machine, showing various types of pressure type temperature controller cabinet and car air conditioners use (PRESSURE THERMOSATA),

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  • Robertshaw thermostat EA3 EA5

    The company produces pressure thermostat, part of its power felt warm refrigerant charge, but sensing portion (capillary) feel the external temperature changes, power components to produce a corresponding change in pressure, bellows consequent expansion and contraction, fat push lever displacement, fast drive switch actuator components automatically open and close contacts, so as to achieve automatic control of temperature, adjust the knob shaft cover for setting temperature control

    Control temperature range: -30 ~ + 10 ℃
    Rated voltage: AC220V / AC110V
    Car refrigerator: 8V, 12V, 24V
    Rated current: 5A
    Car refrigerator: 8A
    I produced the thermostat design temperature range: -36 ℃ ~ + 36 ℃, open stop temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 14 ℃
    Features: Control high precision, good reliability, long life, you can achieve semi-automatic defrost, you can have a manual shutdown forced open
    Products also passed the ISO9001: 2008, CQC, CE, VDE, UL, ROSH and other certification, TUV certification under; 96% of products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia and other regions of the manufacturers and sales market.
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    Robertshaw thermostat models

    3030-11F 9096223 9096230 9096231
    9096232 622080325 RC32-1561M RC-11873-2
    RC-12473-5 RC-12473-8 RC-13646-2S RC-53648-8
    RC-93600-2E RC-94072-2S TH-36 WSLJ9T12C
    Robertshaw thermostat EA3 EA5
    S Series Saginomiya defrost thermostat plastic knob
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