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KSD9700 thermal protector packaging, transportation, storage standards

KSD9700 thermal protector packaging, transportation, storage standards

1. Marking, packaging, transportation, storage
1.1 logo
    The logo on the shell should be clear, durable and easy to identify, product logo content:
A. Yaxun electronics factory name or registered trademark;
B. Product type or number or unique model identification mark.
1.2 Packaging
1.2.1 KSD9700 thermal protector in the factory should be packaged,To prevent damage during transport,There should be product certification within the box,Manual and packing list.
1.2.2 packaging logo should be clear, neat,And to ensure that it is not obscured by transport or storage.
Package logo content:
A. Ya Xun electronic factory factory name or trademark, site;
B. Product name, model;
C. The number of products;
D. Packing box dimensions;
E. Receiving unit name and address;
G. Mark the words "mark", "fear wet", "electrical" and "be careful".
1.3 Transportation
     Packaging should be adapted to the transport of various means of transport,Without damage.KSD9700 thermal protector in the transport process shall not be affected by rain and snow.
1.4 storage
    The KSD9700 thermal protector should be stored in a well ventilated,Non-corrosive medium and relative humidity less than 90% (20 5 )The ambient temperature is not higher than +40 and not less than -5 in the warehouse.Storage period is three years

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