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CNC machine tool industry

CNC machine tool industry

In 2016, the Ministry issued the "guiding opinions" about deepening the integration and development of manufacturing industry and the Internet, to promote synergy "2025" and "China manufacturing Internet plus action; arrangement of intelligent manufacturing engineering comprehensive standardization and application of a new model of project 133, arrangement of strong industrial base project 61 projects in 47 directions. In addition, the relevant departments around the key areas, the first to start to enhance the core competitiveness, intelligent manufacturing, engineering and other special foundation. Such as the implementation of the development of rail transportation equipment, new energy vehicles and other 7 key areas of industrialization plan and enhance the core competitiveness of the major project package, 2016 to support 852 projects; the Ministry of finance integration set up "2025" upgrade Chinese manufacturing special funds for industrial transformation. To the city (Group) as the carrier of China made 2025 pilot demonstration work is also solid progress. Currently, the city has approved the 5 cities in Ningbo and the Pearl River West Bank of the city of the 1 districts of the city of South of Jiangsu as a pilot demonstration of the city of 6. In addition, also launched intelligent manufacturing, the combination of consumer goods, industrial "three" strategy and some other areas of the pilot work, and constantly explore new models and new paths of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry under the new normal form, a copy can be extended experience. "2025" Chinese manufacturing strategy implemented for more than a year, manufacturing engineering, intelligent building industry innovation center, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, green engineering and manufacturing base of high-end equipment innovation project and other five projects have made no small achievement. Especially in the field of intelligent manufacturing, the development momentum and pilot demonstration work highlights. In Hunan Changsha Sany, 5 minutes off the assembly line of an excavator; in the smart factory in Hubei Wuhan beautiful, intelligent air conditioning can sense the temperature of the human body, and timely adjustment in Hunan; Zhuzhou's "China power Valley", the birth of the first domestic rail transit intelligent manufacturing production line...... All of these show the charm of manufacturing upgrade to "intelligence". A manufacturing power from a big manufacturing country, there are many areas yet to be missed. Ministry official said that at this stage of China's manufacturing, mechanization And the coexistence of electrification, automation and information, "multiple status" and "multiple demand" coexist, in promoting the intelligent manufacturing in China, destined to continue to explore, trial and error. On the one hand, to rely on its own industrial base, to intelligent manufacturing engineering as the starting point in the development and application of both ends of the joint force, in order to promote research, with research, accelerate key areas of intelligent transformation; on the other hand, we should give full play to China's Internet scale and application advantages, to carry out the work of Ye Yun, big data, networking the application of the pilot, to promote the Internet of mass customization, collaborative manufacturing based on the development of new manufacturing model. With the integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth, key technology and equipment in high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, intelligent instrument as the representative of the positive progress; intelligent manufacturing equipment and advanced technology popularization in key industries and discrete industries manufacturing equipment, digital, network and intelligence to accelerate the pace of the process the flow type industry control and manufacturing execution system comprehensive popularization, the key process of NC rate is greatly improved; continuous exploration, in the typical industry gradually formed some new models can be replicated in order to further promote the intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing has laid a preliminary foundation.

At the same time, relative to the developed countries, to promote China's manufacturing industry intelligent transformation, the environment is more complex, the situation is more serious, more arduous task. Therefore, we must base on the national conditions and long-term, to seize the global manufacturing division adjustment and China's smart manufacturing rapid development period of strategic opportunities, and guide enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing out of a road with China characteristics.

Promote structural reform of the supply side of the manufacturing sector, the manufacturing industry to crack the prominent contradictions and problems, accelerate the construction of a powerful country of great significance. But as soon as possible to complete the manufacturing industry of our country is short board, can as scheduled in 2025 entered the ranks of the world's manufacturing powerhouse.

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